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Critique and Questions

Questions on how I play Kyou? Want to leave some crit on something that happened or questions you have about my characterization? You are more than welcome to leave that here!

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[Character Name] Kyou Sohma
[Canon] Fruits Basket
[Point Taken from Canon]Volume 11 Chapter 63, after his talk with Akito and realizing he's in love with Tohru.

[Age] 16
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Tohru Heterosexual
[Eye Color] Orangish-Red
[Hair Color] Orange
[Height] Probably about 5'9-5'10 at this time.
[Other] Nothing notable.
[Clothing] Constantly wears a bracelet made of bones and blood on his left wrist that he will not willingly remove. At this point in the series, he's wearing shirts that actually fit him. Mostly jeans, cargo pants and comfortable tee shirts. Nothing too tight around the neck at all.
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{ C H R O N O L O G I C A L L Y }

Months -
Year 2013:

✚ [2013-12-07] Kyou awakens and meets his roommates Cain, Charles and Ciel.
✚ [2013-12-07] Kyou questions the network about Tohru or any other Sohma being here. Kida verifies that Tohru previously was here. Yuuki has a unfortunate name but some old hair ribbons of Tohru's. Dean gives an unwanted sex education class. Sakamoto also verfies Tohru is not there anymore. Nezumi gets mad and thinks Kyou should worry about himself and not others.
✚ [2013-12-21] Tohru arrives in Haven.

Year 2014:

✚ [2014-01-16] Offers to move in with Tohru when half of her roommates leave.
✚ [2014-01-21] Runs into Zero and Jack at the schoolhouse and tries to comfort Tohru from the sight of the children.
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[Player name]Sari
[Age] 35
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] sarie15
[Other characters currently played] N/A

[Character name] Kyou Sohma
[Age] 16
[Canon] Fruits Basket
[Point in time taken from canon]Volume 11 Chapter 63, after his talk with Akito and realizing he's in love with Tohru.
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